The school currently offers a limited number of courses on learning to read with playing cards and beginner witch courses. We are steadily working on adding new material, so please check back if you do not see what you are looking for or email [email protected] to see when the course will become available.

Blessings to you

As a witch and a psychic things tend to come naturally to me, but most everything I learned was trial and error because there was no clear courses to take or guidance to seek. Everything I learned seemed to fit just a little bit with what I could do. My psychic abilities were always there, but card reading was something that I learned on my own from several different sources.

Many people contact me and ask for advice being so new because they face the same challenges I did. It's true that my gifts are in my lineage and hereditary, but it's also true that the person who was most capable of teaching them to me died before I was two and I had to muddle through things because not every member of the lineage is gifted. That said, I wanted to create a way to share my knowledge with others hoping that they wouldn't have to struggle to understand their abilities as much as I did.

The information here is to be used as a guide and it's possible it won't work for everyone. If you are an anxious person with no patience then psychic readings and witchcraft will be difficult for you to master and it will take extra work to keep your focus. The reason for this is that this work is mentally taxing and requires a strong focused mind to accomplish your goals.

I love my clients and I am blessed to be able to share my knowledge with all of you. I will give as much support to you as possible on your journey, but please be reasonable with your communications because there is one of me and many of you and I personally attend to every communication. For additional support please email [email protected]